Soccer Dad

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Soccer Dad available on the App Store New Version 5.1
  • Better with TeamSnap

    The latest version of Soccer Dad improves upon its integration with TeamSnap!

    • Using Soccer Dad with TeamSnap you can:

      • Be up and running in seconds with your teams and schedule from TeamSnap loaded into Soccer Dad.
      • Capture stats as you use Soccer Dad on the sidelines and then publish back to TeamSnap.
      • Enter data where it's most convenient e.g. create a new game, take availability and enter stats in Soccer Dad and then publish back to TeamSnap at the end of the match.

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  • More detail

    The new version of Soccer Dad integrates seamlessly with TeamSnap! You can see a video of this in action here.

    Account Settings

    • To get started you first enter your TeamSnap account credentials on the Settings page. Once you have done this you are able to do other things in the app.

    Teams & Schedule

    • Once you have entered your TeamSnap account information you can now import your TeamSnap information using the '+' button on the Teams tab. You now get a choice of manually creating a team or importing one from TeamSnap.

      If you choose to import from TeamSnap it will contact their web service and get your list of teams and you can choose one to import. The import process will get the following information from TeamSnap:

      • The team information including the season and the team logo.
      • The team roster and use that to create your players. It will pull in players names, player images, shirt numbers and contact information.
      • The team schedule and use that to create practices and games in your Soccer Dad schedule including the opposing teams.
    • There is an additional button on the Team Details page that allows you to update the Team from TeamSnap. This will pull in any changes and apply them to the existing items, but also get any new players, new events for the schedule, etc.

    Head Count / Availability

    • For events that you have imported from TeamSnap, on the Head Count page you will see a button that allows you to get the current availability information directly from TeamSnap.

    Game Results

    • For events that you have imported from TeamSnap, once a game is finished, under the action menu at the bottom right, there is an option to publish the result to TeamSnap.

    Stats / Reports

    • For all of the reports, under the menu that allows you to email, print, etc there is now an option to publish the report to TeamSnap. The HTML report is pushed up to TeamSnap into the Files area. A folder is created for each type of report (e.g. “Team & Player Stats”) and the file is placed inside with a title based on the chosen data (e.g. the Game name) plus a date/time stamp.

  • Manage your Soccer Team with TeamSnap

Manage your Soccer Team with TeamSnap Soccer Dad works with Dropbox